Metanoia Pants
Metanoia Pants

Metanoia Pants

$ 55.00

Designer Notes:
Smart casual high waisted pants. Wide legged with topstitched nervure in the front. Fake single piped back pockets.

They say I come from 100% Bohemian Roots, However I turned to be
100% LINEN.

-Product Color YOKON
-Product Code WA-ASMP

Available in Another DNA.

Machine Wash
at 30˚C With Short Cycles. (SAVE WATER!!) or Hand Wash
Warm or Hot iron
Tumble or Air Dry
Do Not Bleach
Do not twist/wring
Hence, Take Care of me so I can spend a lifetime with you.


WA Values:
Aeliana has set the standards of Eco- and Human Friendly Production. Hence, WA aims to lessen the burden on the environment. The Fabrics were thoughtfully chosen to adapt with our WA Values and our Sustainable Beliefs. To that, we have developed a human friendly production process. Giving a Guarantee that our products are made with love and good will

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