We dedicate ourselves to use more sustainable materials, to recycle and to give back.

While we're still a startup brand, we know sustainability is a journey, and we are taking the greatest pains to make
our fabric selection more responsible, our production process more conscious and our delivery faster and greener.

While we are constantly working on our sources and materials, we assure you that our in-house process is eco-friendly.
NO CAP! It's not that we are the most ecological brand but I swear we are trying our best to be harmless,
in all the possible ways, it's not easy at all, but its worth the effort.

we make
a difference

Less waste

Less water

Less energy

Lower CO2 emission

Better materials

Safe working environment

More community support

Have a question? Or know something we missed?

Submit your thoughts, questions or tips via social media using #WANOCAP
and don't forget to tag us @iamwillowaubrey

We believe in a future all the girls have the chance to thrive and to shine. That's why are working on creating
a safe atmosphere where heroes like you can talk to us, share your fear, your questions and where you
can chat with us like your bestie. TRUST US, we are keeping your secret low-key, so safe and personal.

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